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i know how you feel curious, i am experiencing a similar situation myself. only reversed roles. although, most people are right about the not getting back together thing. although, you never know until you try right? well, most here seem to have some experience in this area, but nobody ever seems to change much, they will go from relationship to relationship doing the same thing and wondering why none of them work out. for me, i know very well that a relationship doesn't work if your not willing to compromise some things you used to do (ie. flirt, go drinking with buddies/friends every night, etc.). so, what it seems is that your ex is dating someone else that he hasn't told you about or maybe trying to build a relationship with someone else before he can say anything to you, which i guess its up to you if you want to wait around. personally, if you are just flowing with what your heart says, its not going to work out, it becomes a choir if your only with somebody because of emotional attachement, you need to decide WHY you want to be with him. is he good, supportive, takes care of you, good with kids (not that he has to be), funny, serious, dedicated, loyal? its all up to you to see why you like him but if its just because you feel an emotional attachment then its probably better not to. after awhile, we all start to notice other people, but there in lies the problem of following your heart, you bounce from one person to the next but really never learning anything about what a real relationship is about, its just empty experience. if you want to build a relationship and move on from just dating then you got to start looking for more important aspects to a relationship then just emotions, this is a true way to build a lasting relationship. if you want to be with somebody because of the emotional attachment, then what happens when you get angry at each other, have an argument, or want to spend time with someone else like friends? i am always one to question why, like many people here say that it most likely won't work if you get back with an ex...why not? its all up to your own personal commitment level, if you are committed to that person or realize that they were exactly what you needed then i'd say at least give it a chance. Most people say this though because the attachment isn't there anymore, you broke it off once, worked yourself up to that point, and figure that its easier to do it a second time whenever you want without the same attachment. which is why people say it never works because you don't have that attachment anymore. just be sure the two are clear on your intentions and don't set yourself up for more hurt, you must come first, in dating, and your spouse first in marriage. :wave:

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