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well he never kissed me while i was dating my current bf or anybody for that matter. and my current relationship is going down the drain. he took me from my mom and dad and family im just know getting back home. and thats because i stood up to him. he is pissed b/c im back home and b/c i want to drive my car and go places. i work all the time. sometimes i feel like being alone. and he dont like that. we do what he wants when he wants. it doesnt matter what i want. he says he will change and he does for about a week then its back to the same old person he was. he dont trust me and siad he never will. i just feel real guilty bout breaking up with him . he makes me feel like that all the time. he went and paid my CC payment w/o me knowing. he likes to have soemthing to hold over me all the time. my ex is my ex b/c i was he FIRST EVERYTHING. and we both thought it would be good for him to "explore" instead of down the road him wishing he would have. but before that subject came up he thought he was like his step.(not good enough for nobody) i still talk to my ex b/c he is a great friend and i can tell him anything and he can tell me anything. he makes me laugh, he jokes, he talks bout the past we had. i dont ask him b/c i dont want to mess up the FRIENDSHIP we have if he dont still like/love me or have feelings for me. and im not only thinking bout him b/c i talk to him. when we didnt talk i still thought of him. we went some time here lately not talking b/c i told him i couldnt see/talk to him anymore and i still thought of him constantly. its not just my head telling me this its my heart. but i just like peoples opinions on things. and what i want to know is how he would act around me or when we talk. its helps me out alot. i know im stupid and crazy or whatever but still you cant help what your heart tells you. right? sorry if i sound like a ******. im just trying to explain everything. also, he calls me at work and tonight he is calling me at home. he told me he loves my mom and he told his mom (who i think hates me but i dont think she does. )that we still talk. so i have no clue what to think. i would really appriciate your opinions.

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