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Oh my, it sounds like you are living with a man who is Bipolar! Seriously, he needs some help and being in the Military isn't helping him, in fact its probably making him worst because of the strict ways he has to be while on duty. SINCE he has done this before, you have to remember you have a son now to take care of, being in an abusive relationship isn't healthy for you nor your son, if you stay with him, you are teaching your son to disrespect women, do you want that to happen? What happens if one day he squeezes your throat a little to hard and kills you? Loving someone who is abusive only makes you sick! Its unhealthy and NOT right!!! A woman deserves to be treated like a woman, any other way is uncalled for, and if you stay with him because you love him, then you have a problem too! If he gets upset at you for the simplest things in life, what happens when there is a major problem and he can't deal with it...?? So what if you are high strung, he knew all about that when he married you, he has a control issue also, by you crying and asking questions only aggrevates him, BUT why should you change anything when he is the one who has the problems, NOT YOU>???If he was just kidding, then he wouldn't have waited so long to tell you he was only joking with you, he actually got scared that you might listen this time and leave him alone, and men who are like him can't be alone, they are afraid, think really hard, what is it you love so much about him? If I were you, when he is at work, I would pack up my bags and my baby and run as fast as you can back to your family, and DO NOT give in to him, domestic violence is a big issue these days, and ALOT of women are as lucky to be able to run away...YOU better think hard and fast, because HE isn't going to change, in fact he will get worst.

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