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:) [QUOTE=BigFan]I see your point, but I think it's splitting hairs to say that your skirt is short, but not too short. If a man turns his head around, then it's probably shorter than normal. I'm not insecure or jealous, but it gets aggravating when you can't walk by a man with your woman without everyone breaking their necks and staring. If I'm with her all day, that could be 100 stares! If you just wanted to turn your boyfriend on, you can put on or take off anything you want in the bedroom. And it's nothing worth whipping a-- over if he doesn't say anything, but it IS disrespect if a man is bold enough to perve on my woman if he can't do it discreetly enough for me to not notice him.[/QUOTE]

Oh ok, so if i wear jeans and men look , does that mean i should wrap myself up like a muslim lady because my jeans arent appropriate and are tighter then normal?
Let me paint a picture for you, there are the type of skirts that are "in" that you see girls wearing...i dont wear those kind of skirts because they're too short..i do a lot of shopping before i find a mini skirts thats the right length.

2) men will turn around and look at anything that looks decent.
Ive had guys hoonk and stare at me when i was 12 and riding my bike..and i was wearing nothing skanky..unless jeans and a top are considered skanky.

The cold truth is, we live in a world where men no longer hide how desperate they are for a piece of ***..
Wearing a skirt around my boyfriend when we go out, gets him hot for the after part..he cant keep his hands of me..and i know he absolutely loves my legs, which is why i wear them :p

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