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[QUOTE=Cokiemonsta]:wave: Ive been with my boyfriend for ..almost 3 years. The problem is he doesnt like it when i wear short skirts. ..i never dress slutty and wear things that are too short, or too exposing but i do love mini skirts (even them, i wear nicely with the right kind of top). This whole thing started when i first wore one when i went out with my boyfriend.. and had a lot of guys look at me. A lot of them were older..some even had girlfriends.

My boyfriend tells me that if we were to go out and some guy tried to hit on me, or said something sleazy to me while i was with my boyfriend would be tempted to kick his ***..and probably would get into a fight with him..he says its a respect thing..and that when guys hit on an obviously taken girl, its offensive to both the guy and his girlfriend.

He says he gets very angry when he sees men look at me intensly..he claims that its ok if they just look and then look away but when they "check me out" he gets very upset.

I dont notice men intensly checking me out, ive only noticed it a few times. It bothers me because im not a very confident person..and i know my boyfriend likes me in a skirt alot..he gets really turned on ;) so wearing one around him makes me feel good about myself..ive explained this to him as well.

He says that he considers me a serious girlfriend and i if i want to be considered a serious girlfriend i shouldnt wear skirts! lol.
How stupid is this?
He also claims its a social thing as well and "modest girls" dont wear short skirts.
None of my skirts are grossly short, to the point where i cant even bend a lil without my *** poping up..but geez..

what are peoples thoughts on this?[/QUOTE]
Your guy sounds a little immature. Sounds like he has some control issues, anger issues and trust issues. You need to decide, right now, what you'll put up with and what you won't. Today it's a short skirt, tommorrow it will be a blouse, next day shoes. Every time you alter who you are for him, you loose a little bit of yourself. Pretty soon, you won't know who you are and neither will he. When you loose yourself, you loose his interest, so if you want to keep him, keep him on his toes and stand up for yourself and your own values.

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