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Thanks for the responses, guys. I am getting more and more turned off to him the more I think about it, tho. Actually have been emailing this guy I met for a few weeks now. Wasn't sure if I wanted to date him or not, so this worked best for me. His emails are really funny, so it's been fun chatting with him.

Last night, I told him I was going to meet some friends up at this place by his house and asked him if he wanted to come up and have a beer. (he wants to date me, but I told him I am really not sure what I want right now, and he's being patient.) He came up, and we had a GREAT time!! Really great. He's an asst principal at a HS, so he's educated, divorced with two kids, (like me) and very tall-which I hadn't noticed b4 cuz he was always sitting down when I had talked to him.

I think I am actually starting to mature a little out of my past breakup--b/c I have only been interested in the hot, player types--nothing but trouble!! LOL. BUT-- this guy is not super hot,--nice looking--but not super hot or anything, and I actually LIKE him I think--which is HUGE for me! I woke up this morning and went to email him saying I had a great time, and there was one already there from him, saying exactly that! Cool, huh?

There were SO many people there, former students, football players he had coached, friends, ALL saying what an awesome guy he was. The best teacher they ever had, best coach, best guy. That was very cool to hear and watch. I think this may be a good guy that I am not running from--and I am feeling quite mature-LOL!! (I know, silly!!) Like I am finally coming out of this stupid phase in my life of mega partying and hooking up with the WRONG guys to dull pain. WOO HOO!!!

This one, I don't think I need any advice on--just going to go with the flow. He's funny and smart, and a really great guy. We were talking, and I asked what he did for a living. (this is funny, and will show you he has a great sense of humor!) He said, "I'm the asst principal at ******HS." and I say, "SO...basically that means you're a d**k!" and we both cracked up. His friend choked on his beer laughing. I love guys that can laugh about stuff like that. We went on to talk about the asst's always being the heavy's at schools, and if you get sent to the asst principal, you know you're screwed. ANyhow, I think this could be good. Actually liking a nice guy, and it makes it that much more glaring to me that this first one who the thread was initially about--is really an immature kind of jerky guy. I have just been kidding myself about him b/c we had a fun time out--but NOT the kind of guy to get into a relationship with.

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