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Hi everyone! Thanks for all the advise, even if its not what I want to come to terms with yet... A lot of stuff did hit home.
My boyfriend is immature for his age, especially durring football season. But there are a lot of great things about him too. Nobody's perfect and I'm really not trying to change him. I feel sad because I feel like he doesn't care about seeing me. He rather watch football and act like a college frat boy. I guess I just wanted to see if anyone could relate or help me see things from a different perspective. You all have helped me see his side of things a little better.
Realguy, you gave some good advise about not fitting into his schedule when he wants me there. I think that may be the key...
Yesterday, he did end up going to watch football. I was upset about this because a group of friends (all couples) were going out to dinner and drinks for Sweetest Day and I would have liked him to go, but he chose football. I decided to go anyway as the 5th wheel and had a really nice time. I tried to not think of my boyfriend. I came to this realization that I think he likes it when I nag him about football. It shows him that I care, yet he can still do what he wants. If I act like a nag, he feels less guilty ditching out on me...
Well, yesterday I did not call him once. I saw him Friday night after class b/c I knew I wouldn't see him all weekend... So I did comprimise. I drove an hour out of my way, only to sleep next to him. When he woke up and left, I kissed him goodbye and told him to have fun and call me later. I then knocked him out of my mind and went on with my weekend without calling him for any reason. When he called me at around 6, he asked what I was doing that night. I told him without any resentment or aggrivation in my voice and my golly I thinlk he felt bad all on his own!!! :)
He didn't expect me to go without him I'm sure...
He called me at least 5 times thoughout the night and even tried to get me to come to where he was instead of going out with the "couples"... I would normally go running to him, but I didn't. I didn't even call when I got home...

Well, tonight he made dinner reservations and even booked us a weekend away in November.... I was shocked!!!! He has never gone out of his way to even suggest a dinner date, much less pick the place and make the reservations! I let him know how much it means to me to see that he does care. Things are good for now... I just hope I can stay strong like I was this weekend, every weekend. There are 4 long months left of me being the "other one" in his life ;)

Sophia, thank you for understanding my frusteration with this situation. You said a lot of things that hit home. I love him so much and know he loves me, but sometimes I wonder if that is enough. He does talk about wanting to marry me, and when my apartment lease is up, I will be moving in with him. I think its a good idea. Right now I feel that if we live together, and I at least get to see him at night when we both get home, I will feel more secure and we will both be happier. On the other hand, it may not solve any problems but I think its good to find that out now before we get married.

Thanks again for all of the replies everyone!!!!

(Oh, and someone mentioned that I should lessen my class burden to see him more durring the week... He wouldn't want me to do that. I don't like my job and decided to go back to school to be a teacher, something I have always dreamed of doing despite the lousy pay... :)
I'm so close, I can't slow down now)

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