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Maybe in reality you are just afraid of the concept of love so you hold onto a memory of a guy who treated you badly eight years ago while he was maturing into a person who is now capable of marriage.

Well, that's your take on the situation, and you're free ot see it that way. Maturing is one thing, morphing into a completely different person is something else. I have more details regarding the situation and I was actually in the situation, and it's clear to me that he treated me poorly not because he wasn't ready for marriage, mainly because he had a girlfriend BEFORE me and he treated her better than he treated me. It was simply he deemed me unworthy of decent, respectful, honest treatment. Afraid of the concept of love? Well, love isn't easy, but I don't really know why someone would be afraid of one of the most glorious blessings God can give.

As far as improving myself if I deem myself so unworthy, of course I've learned important lessons, and am not the same person I was when I was with him, and have grown and matured. But if no one else comes along to appreciate it and another chance at love never comes along to apply those lessons to, what good is it?

Finally, I must take umbrage at the comment to learn to accept others. That assumes a lot that simply isn't true. You're just going to trust me on this, the problem has never been my not accepting others, but rather others not being able to accept me.

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