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[QUOTE=evy38]I think, in this case, the point is he'll try harder if he really wants you. If he doesn't try he never really wanted you to begin with, in which case, you are better off without him.[/QUOTE]

Exactly! If I play hard to get, then I will know if he is interested in ME, or if he is only in it for the sex.

This man can get sex anytime he wants it with plenty of willing partners. If you saw him, you would know what I mean! Besides being very attractive and intelligent, he has a strong sense of self assurance that is extremely hard to resist.

I'm going to see him a few more times and see how this thing progresses. If it gets to the point where we are not doing anything other than meeting for intimate "encounters"--in other words, if he never actually takes me out to dinner and on a regular date, I'm going to back off.

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