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Christ I didnít expect that response!!! Some of your comments made my heart sink mainly because you echo my worst fear but thanks loads for taking the time to respond!!! I had a big talk with my boyfriend last night after posting this note and he is well aware of how I feel. He is not fussed about marriage just because he doesn't see why we have to make things official (he also an atheist). To be fair his parents are married but only for convenience, his sister has just got divorced after 1 year of marriage and his brother got married after 15 years of living with his girl (they have no children). He is hardly surrounded by success stories but this is no reason to think our marriage would be the same. He has committed to buying a house with me next year when he qualifies as a doctor (we live in London so havenít been able to by on his student salary). He also says he wants children together in the future. Some comments of immaturity are true I mean after doing our 4 year degrees I started a career in marketing and he continued to study psychology so is I suppose he is a student with a salary and still holds those student values of fun fun fun!!! As I say he qualifies next year and may be he should grow up a little then.

Thanks all for your advice, I think Iíll use this site more often! Children are important but as some of you said you can have children without marriage lets be honest the father can walk out just as quickly married as unmarried!! I best get back to work and mull your comments over with a nice chocolate bar and hot cup of tea! :wave:

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