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Devastated :(
Oct 16, 2005
Things with my bf had been going great so imagine my surprise when I heard him having sex with another girl. He's been a little distant for the past few weeks and I attributed it to the fact that he was working a lot and was tired. When we were talking last week, I asked him if anything was wrong because I felt like he was ignoring me. Well, he blew up and said that he wasn't intentionally doing that, that things have been very hectic for him, and that I obviously didn't understand. I wasn't being mean about it in any way so I was surprised at his anger. I didn't call him for a couple days so that whatever steam he needed to blow off, he could do it away from me. I was sick and he came down to see me (he lives right above me) and brought me some food. I thought things were going okay. So I'm in bed around 2:30 this morning and hear him and some girl going at it. I thought I was imagining it, but then I saw her leave. I mean, what the hell??? I'm so hurt that he lied to me and moreover, doesn't even have the nerve to tell me he's apparently met someone else. I just can't stop thinking about it and I want to so badly. The problem is, he's my neighbor so it's not like I'll never see him. When we first started hanging out, he wanted a relationship with me so badly and I was reluctant because of our age difference and the fact that we're neighbors. I'm angry at myself that I believed he was different. He's the first guy I ever truly loved who, until this point, treated me like I've never been treated before. It just hurts. This kind of thing always happens to me but I've never been this bothered by it. Maybe because I did feel he was different. I just would think that a guy his age would know better but apparently, I was wrong.

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