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[QUOTE=Piranna65]Cheating under my definition would be: Staring with a kiss, I dont mean some peck on the cheek or anything friendly of that nature but if it's an all out kiss maybe some tongue along with strokes and caresses then yeah thats the beginning. I'd be upset if that happened to me.

Anything but sex? What does your fiance think? If that were the case men wouldnt need to get married they'd just need a steady woman for sex?! Men...arent they silly. haha

This doesnt mean your fiance would do what he thinks isnt cheating, knowing that it would upset you when you would condider it cheating would he??[/QUOTE]

See that is where it gets tricky. He uses his definition of cheating (which i think is fair to say is different than the majority of other peoples definition) to let a lot of things slide.
He likes to talk to girls online, tells them he's single, makes up all of these stories. Usually that is where it doesn't get far, he's not a good liar so generaly the girls lose interest pretty quickly. It's been something that we have talked about and fought about a lot. In the past few weeks there is a new girl, she knows the truth, or atleast she's stupid if she doesn't cause i've told her. She still wants to see him, chat with him ect. I can't say he's having an emotional affair because they don't really talk about anything, most of what they talk about is stupid stuff. But he says he's not cheating btw he has met her, he says he hugged her and kissed her on the cheek, she says mouth. both times the kids were with him. Which is another thing to argue about....the kids should not be involved in anyway shape or form. Our 3 year old is semi attached to this girl (i won't call her a woman, she's having sex with 2 other guys while trying to get my guy to see her more) and her 2 kids.
There is a lot more to it than that, it's not black and white. He has only known her for about a month total i think...he's seen her twice.
He just keeps telling me he's not cheating because he's not having sex with her. And i really don't think that he will see her again (easy girls like her aren't his type, he just likes the attention). It's her i don't trust more than him....she told him she doesn't care if he's in a relationship or not and other things. Anyways...a guys perspective would be great too.
there is a lot more to it than what i wrote no judging please.

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