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Re: He disappeared.
Oct 21, 2005
[QUOTE=holst]Thanks for the reply, Reddoor. Wow, we do have stuff in common! May I ask how you eventually got over that younger ex? I'm having a really rough time obsessing about him all the time. The fact that he not only has moved on to another girl, but also just got a great new job making twice as much as he was making is kind of driving me crazy. I'm actually jealous that things are going so well for him and here I am stuck in hell, unable to move on and remembering when he was actually nice to me. I feel like total crap.[/QUOTE]Our stories are so similiar it's almost scary. How did I get over him??? Not sure. I was eventually forced to (and I came here a lot and vented). Mine moved onto another girl as well; saw them together in the parking lot at work kissing! Did I mention, we worked together. Had to see him every day, hear his voice. It was tourture and I was a mess for months. I finally stopped obsessing about him when I learned he moved in with that girl. Since then, he and the girlfriend moved far south and are as happy as can be I hear. Gag! When I was dating this new guy for the past month or so was the first time I was truly happy since the big breakup. Now this breakup and I'm not going to say I'm back to square one but it has brought back some of the old feelings and depression I was suffering the past year or so. I will say one thing... It got so bad for me that my doctor put me on antidepressants and I needed them. That did help and maybe it's something you might consider.

[QUOTE=holst]I also can relate to you wanting to send that letter. I did the same thing with emails to him trying to get answers out of him. I guess I was trying to keep a little hope that he would change his mind and come back. But I was consistently disappointed with his indifferent responses. It was like getting rejected over and over again. I got increasing upset, but could not accept that he did not want me. I finally called him and left a message saying what a good friend he was and I was really sorry for misinterpreting his actions and that I still wanted to be friends. I practically begged him! Ain't that like a girl, accepting all the blame just so he would still talk to me! He did call me back but was so devoid of all emotion, and he couldn't wait to get off the phone. Ugh, what a humiliating experience.[/QUOTE]Been there - done that - all of it. The only difference in our stories is mine would play games with me. He would IM me in a joking manner which would totally confuse me. So I'd send him an email practically begging him as you did with either no response or another rejection. Mine even tried to sleep with me while away on a business trip back in February. Mind you, he had already hooked up with this new girl by then but had no problem coming to my room saying he just had to talk and that I was the best friend he ever had and cried and made me cry and the hugs and kisses started, well you can imagine the reast. That did a huge number on my mind. I'm still not over that one.

You'll get through this. I promise. It's like everybody here says; it really does just take time. I know it sucks but it's true. I'm here for you.

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