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[FONT=Comic Sans MS][COLOR=DarkOrchid]Well, I got to the bottom of things today. This morning I recieved a call from my boss at work asking me for some advice (so much for the holidays :rolleyes:) and I took the opportunity to ask if Sara was at work. It turned out she was, and my boss asked if I wanted him to get her to call me (he knows we are good friends). I told him I just wanted to say "Hi". But I was hoping for a call or at least a message all day. It didn't come :( I resolved I would call her by 19.30 to see if she was okay, bearing in mind I sent her that message days ago.

But at 17.35 she called and asked if she could come over to give me my Christmas present. I was in the middle of eating dinner but that didn't matter. I told her I would love to see her and she was here twenty minutes later, wearing her usual nervous smile at the door. I didn't greet her with a kiss, especially in view of that look on her face which conveys a sense that she feels bad for seeing me behind her boyfriend's back (but, more promisingly, a sense that she is very happy to see me). I invited her up to my room where I had her presents.

I was annoyed with myself that I didn't manage to think of anything particularly original to get her (toiletries...) because she bought me a glowing clubbing whistle (great idea for me :cool:) and a water rocket! She seems to like buying me toys (it was Lego and Top Trumps for my birthday)! I'm 22 but I think she recognises my desire to hang on to my childhood for as long as possible. That she pays attention to these things is really encouraging to me. Anyway, I half expected her to leave after we swapped presents but she seemed content to stay for a bit.

I made her a cup of tea and we returned to my room and chatted for two hours. She told me some worrying stuff, though :( I learned that she hadn't replied to my message because she had been helplessly high at the time. She thought she had only taken speed on Boxing Day night but she suspects she had also taken a handful of pills because she had been noshing on the inside of her mouth. Her drug use is my biggest concern. When I'm with her I can look after her and she tends to take it a bit easier. But when I'm not there she has a habbit of overdoing it and having large black spots in her memory.

However, she did tell me that she doesn't want to get so wasted again for a long while. Not I believe she will stick to that resolution; she is too easily swayed by her "friends", some of whom I believe are good, yet scatty, people but others who I distrust. I think it's time I organised a few things for us to do at weekends to keep her out of trouble for a while. I intend to enlist us on a rock climbing course which I know she will love, and no narcotics will be involved! But I will also suggest some clubbing nights because I think if I have organised it she will feel a responsibility not to get off her face. I hope so anyway.

But back to my bed. I got the sense that she didn't really want to go. She did that thing of saying she had to go and then staying for a further fifteen minutes, and then again so that it was half an hour before she actually got ready to go. We were talking about anything and everything and even played with pipe cleaners (don't ask) for a bit, but I didn't have the guts to discuss us. I so badly want to know where I stand but at the same time I am afraid to ask her in case it puts too much pressure on the situation. That's why I didn't fully tell her how it made me feel that she had basically ignored my message. It's the wrong footing to get off on, I know.

Oh well, all that mattered to me was that she came to see me and seemed to enjoy my company as usual. When she did eventually leave I decided that I would take my chance and give her a thank you kiss for my presents. My brother almost ruined the moment by coming downstairs at precisecly the wrong time but I think he realised his faux pas and retreated :D So on the cold doorstep as I was saying goodbye I pulled her towards me and kissed her and she turned an intended cheek kiss into a kiss on the lips. And then we hugged like we always do where it feels like neither of us ever want to let go, and we both wish we had done that instead of sitting side my side for two hours :rolleyes:

Later on she sent me a message about pipe cleaners and I made a joke in response. And then after eleven I sent her a goodnight message and I am a bit worried that it might have been a bit too serious. I thanked her for the presents again and I told her that I hope she knows that I like her a lot, and I called her "cherub" which was a daft choice of word! But it was tempered by calling her "Spock" (in reference to her Mr. Spock ear which I was studying earlier). I hope that she hasn't been put off by the message. I will be able to gauge it tomorrow because she said she will e-mail me from work. I told her I will send her a photo of my rocket in flight! So it's time for this boy to tuck himself up in bed for another day of tiring excitement :)[/COLOR][/FONT]

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