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You said that she viewed her last bf as a "project". Then you said that since you have been out with her, YOUR self esteem and various other personality traits have improved. Just make sure that she does not view YOU as her next project.

Secondly, you said that if you did not make a move now, she may jump into bed with the next guy. That's not a good reason to make a move. What leads you to believe that she is that easy, and do you want that in a gf?

If the things above are not an issue, and if your job does not mean that much to you in the long term ( I spoiled the best job I ever had by becoming involved with a coworker) then tell her how you feel now, while she's still single. It will be hard to keep to yourself once she is taken and she will question why you waited to let her know. Most women like men who step up to the plate and view those that don't as wishy-washy.

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