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Last August, I started "dating" my current girlfriend during her freshman year of college (I'm 1 year above her). We hooked up and had sex the first weekend in the fall semester, and became best friends. We then were "friends w/ benefits" until about February when we decided to be "dating exclusively". Then in June we were official boyfriend and girlfriend. She's a great girl...the kind of all-around-good-girl that you bring home to your parents. All my friends love her and tell me she's a keeper. She's the kind of girl I see myself marrying in the future. The sex is amazing, and she's just a sweetheart. Our relationship really has been getting better and better. We now say the I LOVE YOU, and we just get along so great.

There's just 1 thing thats bothered me, then i stopped thinking about it, but another talk we had made it all resurface again. Basically, she's been with several more guys than me. At the time we started having sex last fall, we were tied...Then while we were dating (I found this out a few months ago when my curiousity got the best of me and couldn't take it anymore) she had sex with 4 other guys and I only had sex with 1 other girl once. I guess you could say this bothered me because its not fair...she's beautiful and it's so much easier for her to get sex than me simply because shes a girl. And she even had sex drunk and more than once with a few of them. Then, the other day I found out from her that she met a guy back home one night, and ended up having sex in his truck for a little while without a condom...THE SAME NIGHT! This kind of disturbed me, and makes me wonder, is she prone to do this even with me around??

I've concluded that she just loves sex, and doesn't need to be dating the guy to have sex with him. After her and I having sex a few times recently without a condom, we both were nervous, so we got tested for everything including HIV....all negative! (she was very worried about having HIV after the guy in the truck last year) But the question is, will she do that behavior while she is my girlfriend? I want to pretend I didn't know all this, but it just makes me wonder if I can really trust her? She feels so bad about me knowing all this, and says she would NEVER do anything like that while we're together....but I just wonder if thats the truth. And knowing her history, and considering we're both free of any STD's, is it okay to NOT use a condom? She's on the pill. I want to trust her so bad, but her past history kinda makes me wonder....

Thank you

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