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I cant get this damn girl out of my head that has been messing with my mind for the past couple of months. This girl is a friend of my roomates girlfriend and she started to come onto me a couple months back. Now she did not hold back and really just attached herself to me and we made out several times within the first week of knowing eachother. This girl is very socially attractive and jsut really knows how to make you like her. Anyways I come to find out that she has a Boyfriend...but she tells me that she wants to break up with him and come to me. At first I was like I dont know if wanted to or not so I did not commit to anything. Well she keep comeing on to me and attracting me more and more and eventually I told her that I like her and wanted her to leave her boyfriend. She wasnt sure if she wanted to all of the sudden. Then she gets drunk one night and calles me about 15 times and leaves me a bunch of messages about how she does not know what I want and so forth. So we start hangin out with eachother again...and one night out a party she told me that she wants me and she is going to break with her bf. OK here comes the weird week after this I over hear her talking about another guy with one of her friends while we are all out at a bar. Later in the night she asks me to dance and pulls some other girls on to the floor to dance with me...I was like what is this all about...she told me she was trying to hook me up. I was like ok ***? Find out she is still with her boyfriend and is starting to talk to this other guy. OK so I realize she is a straight up pyscho. I know that she is not worth the time and is not good for me in any way. YET for some reason I am gealous of this other guy whom I actually have met. The funny thing is the guy almost looks exactly like me. It just gets to me I guess why she would do all this and then go for someone else that looks like when she stilll has a BF. I know she is crazy but I hate it because she made me very attracted to her. All I want is some advice on how to get her out of my head. I am not gonna have a problem getting her out of my life. This is not the first time I have had a girl do something like this to just messes with my head big time, and I have not been able to sleep tonight.

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