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Re: Paranoid ?
Oct 18, 2005
Yeah, it does sound kind of paranoid. She just sounds like an old, chatty, probably somewhat bored and nosy lady, not any kind of real threat to you. You can't let every woman who shows any interest in your fiance get you all worked up or you'll risk creating unnecessary problems in your relationship and driving him away. Maybe you're just feeling a little upset and touchy that he's going to be away from you for awhile? I know it's not that long but with my ex, I tended to be irritable whenever he'd leave town even for a day or two. Looking back, I wish I would have been a lot less clingy, and I just don't want to see you make similar mistakes and end up with regrets about making an issue out of trivial things. You run the risk of your boyfriend finding it unattractive that you're easily threatened and thinking you're insecure or deciding that since you don't seem to trust him anyway, he might as well take advantage of the situation and go ahead and fool around with other women. There are plenty of cases where one partner being jealous and suspicious frequently has driven their partner into someone else's arms, even if they wouldn't have been inclined to cheat if they had felt more trusted. Life is too short to let little things like this get you all worked up and's important to let the small stuff go and to choose your battles carefully. Your relationship is precious and any negativity is going to cause some strain and damage on it, so try to make sure you only expose your relationship to negative thoughts and feelings when you are sure the issue is important and significant. Otherwise, try to keep any doubts and insecurities like about the receptionist to yourself and put them out of your mind, as the chances are infinitesimal that anything would actually happen. I hope that helps a little...

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