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Thanks, Ibee for the compliments ;) Regularguy (not to get mixed up with Realguy :D ), Ibee speaks from experience as does Susie....however, LDR's are not for everyone (sorry Susie but you have to be of a certain makeup to be a military wife ;) ) I would not advocate her going away to pursue her degree....I mean you could suggest it but would YOU be okay with that....because if you are not then I say do not even suggest it.

Aren't there other Universities/Colleges in Lousiana that offer the degree she is seeking??? Even if you moved closer to the border of another state.....would that be feesible to your getting to your job??? There just has to be some sort of compromise here!!! How about a lateral transfer to another engineering position in Virginia or elsewhere??? Is that a possibility???

I am sure that you thought about all of this but it really comes down to really thinking it all out....if you hold your wife back she will be resentful and you would have to be willing to give without ever feeling regrets or being resentful for whatever sacrifice you make. Sometimes when we love somebody enough we are willing to make that sacrifice but with the way jobs are today it's not so easy to find the financial security that you have with your current job and as you already shared with us, your wife doesn't even want the job......she's in it for the degree.

You really have alot to think about and I do not envy you....the thing is that if you are the sole supporter it is really important that your career & security in terms of employment be set....your wife must know this, right??

Please keep us posted ~ Goody :wave:

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