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Oct 20, 2005
I am in a relationship and have been in one for 17 months now. We started out very strong and loving/supportive of each other.

Over time, I have found myself changing personally; feeling very insecure about myself and the relationship. Somehow, the independence I had worked so hard to build within me over the 2+ years prior to meeting my bf was lost and also the work I had done to feel good about me.

My boyfriend has a drinking issue and I have found that the only way I can communicate with him is if I drink as well and have been doing it nightly, something I hadnt ever done in my past. Needless to say, I wake up tired, feeling very ugly and my past self-esteem issues from childhood are taunting me again.

I have told him about my insecurites within myself and he has said, get over them without trying to understand what prompts them and help me to overcome them.

He refuses to admit that he has any issues. We had gone to counseling per my request and he recently said he wasnt going to go anymore, as he was going to support me. I think it's nice and all, but, the man fails to see he has issues, #1 being drinking. He recently said he was not going back to counseling and I said, well, we need to talk about other options. We own this house together.

Recently he told me he wants to get his teeth redone and I know it's cosmetic. I too have some cosmetic things I want to have done, but, apparently his are more important. What gives?

I know it seems I rambling, but, there's so much going on and I truly dont know what to do or where to turn.

Thanks for being an ear!! :)

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