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[QUOTE=endymion_] i AM a guy with high morals, but thats exactly what is killing me is that i can't say "no," she has always gotten me to do things i would never do and compromise my opinions.

i am not emotionally attached to her as some people are probably thinking. i don't have any ties to her anymore and i feel much better about it. [/QUOTE]

no your not. you might want to have high morals, but if you compromise yourself for others, how does that make you have high morals?

you are still emotionally attached... i read alot of blah blah blah about why you couldn't break it off, why you feel the need to talk to her because your roommates cousin's second wife twice removed might be hitting on her (that's called jealousy and it's a sure fire sign you still have emotional connections.)

the fact she can manipulate you, the fact that you and her get intimate, the fact that your demanding that she reevaluates your position together all scream that you still have emotions for this girl (which is natural) if you had no emotional attachment, you could ignore everything she tried to get you to do, and you wouldn't want to be more than the "quasi boyfriend". the two of you don't live together, so there is NO reason you can't cut all contact. sure you might see her down the street, doesn't mean you have to acknowlege her existance. if she talks to you, simply say you don't want people like her in your life. if she persists with phone calls, instant messages, and visits, get arestraining order, or change your number. whatever. the only thing stopping you from cutting things off from her is your emotional attachment. TRUST me, i have been where you are now, and you will go crazy and it'll hurt, and you will end up a bitter twisted individual, the only way you can heal from this is time and space...

as for the room mate "moving in" on her, tell him he can do whatever he likes with her, just don't mention her to you ever again. if he does set fire to him (joking i wouldn't condone violence). you claim you have no emotional attachment, so why are you on here asking for advice about her. if you didn't care for her you could leave her rot in the reeds of your memories.

there is NO nice way to end it. just end it. tell her that you two have had your time together, she's hurt you, and you need to sort your life out, and you don't care if she wants to be friends, because the minute the two of you broke up, she ceased being important to your life. if she doesn't get the hint, use little words like f%$^ off

oh and you don't have to smoke, do drugs, or drink to fall into depression. some people with depression may use those things as an escape, but many suffer it without doing any of those things.

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