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[QUOTE=reddoorblack]Yes, yes and yes.The thing is, they all don't run off with another guy! I promise. [/QUOTE]

Really?! I am stunned. So, which do you think is better, Beck or Devo? I find myself going back and forth between the two. One day it might be "Totally Confused" going through my head and then next it might be "Golden Energy". I can't imagine not having to change the cd when riding with someone or getting flack for my choice of music. I bet you go through the same thing.

I guess they don't [I]all[/I] run off. Some are too lazy ;). I don't think it's me. I am not hard to get along with. In fact, recently my son's ex girlfriend's mother (an insane 30 something divorcee) got mad at my son for breaking up with her daughter and called social services on us with a bunch of made up crap. Of course there had to be an investigation. It's the rules. (Thankfully it was followed by a prosecution....hers) But the social worker couldn't stop telling me what a great father, uncle, business person and all around man I am. It was embarrassing to hear anyone talk about me like that. But that's after a full investigation from someone who deals with the public every day. So according to at least Union County, I am a candidate for father of the year and best all around guy. I don't lie, cheat, steal, drink, womanize, or anything of the sort. I have an even temper and (thanks to being a full time single parent) a great deal of patience. The only way I could be a better person is if I was rich and gave it all away. I am fit, healthy, have all my hair, tall, strong, don't stink (except after work) and brush my teeth every day. Other than poverty I can't think of anything that would dissuade a nice woman from liking me. No, wait. Here's one. I can be silly. Prance around and act a fool for no reason sometimes. And sometimes I do silly things like build an inboard motor canoe. Or make a forge and cast some lead into interesting shapes. Or build a dam across the creek in the back yard. But no one ever sees that side of me except family. So how could that be a factor?

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