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[QUOTE=reddoorblack]I have a problem and I'm hoping the "regulars" or more experienced online daters can help me out. There is this guy I've been chatting with online for a week or two that I'm confused about. I want to start off by saying, I'm not a shallow or judgemental person at all. At the same time, this guy has been pretty agressive - only online - has never once asked to talk to me in person but has said several times that he wants to see me. I am a professional, working woman. He is in a band; a drummer. He has told me he can't drive for another two months; I'm assuming something bad happend there but I didn't push. He doesn't really have a job. He says he works in landscaping but when I ask him what he's done today, he replys, "cut grass." He's never been married and doesn't seem to want that. He is very cute. BUT, I'm thinking about all the threads here and how I shouldn't think of every contact as a potential husband, etc. Should I just pursue this for fun or is it useless since I want more than that. Should I waste my time?[/QUOTE]

One word, girl: USELESS. There's nothing about this man other than his cute looks that could possibly be appealing to you. And looks don't take you very far if other important qualities are missing. I think if someone clearly has no potential whatsoever, there's no point in going out with him. I'm assumming he's in his mid to late 30s, right? And he "cuts grass" for a living and plays in a band. Good for him, but I guarantee you this guy is not ready for any kind of a serious relationship, which he already indicated. I would not bother with him. I think yes, at our age we do have to at least consider if a man could make a potentially good husband. I think it's only smart.

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