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As a 36 year old divorced male with kids, I'll tell you why I am single. I am single because I can't find any women who like the things I like and act the way I feel is appropriate for a woman to act. I don't want to be competing with half a dozen other guys while trying to woo some woman either. I don't want a women who was married for 10+ years and then just "fell out of love" with her man. She could just as easily do the same to me. Look, in reality most good women get married at right around 20 years old. They stay married unless their hubby dies in a car wreck or some such thing. And there will ALWAYS be a guy waiting the wings for her the instant she needs someone. If she's single and never married at 36 then there is something bad wrong with her. If she's divorced at that age, it's most likely that she got bored or whatever and that kind of woman will do the same to you. In most cases the woman decides to leave and in most of those cases it's for no good reason. In the few cases where the woman was with an abusive man and she's a really good woman there will ALWAYS be some guy who saw what was coming and befriended her so he would get to be next. Good women are in extremely short supply. What you end up with are the ones that will chose their dog over you, the ones that will flip out on you for having a bad day. The ones that will make you think everything is great while she's telling her friends how she's not happy and she thinks that guy in sales is cute. Or you get a basket case who doesn't know how to be treated well and the minute you go and invest a little emotion in her she freaks out and finds a new guy who likes to beat her because that's all she knows and somehow she thinks she deserves it or that she can "change him".

The reason the divorced guys won't quit talking about it is because they are probably still in shock over it. Most never see it coming. Then like an atom bomb it sweeps away everything that ever mattered to them. Sure, they're gonna talk about it. The ones that were never married missed out for some reason when they were around 20 and there are no good choices left. If you happen to be an exception to the rule it's highly possible you could be mistaken for that huge percentage of women that are not worth a second of a man's time. Men in their mid 30's are very wary of that type of woman and any sign that you may be one of them will scare them off but good. Even if it was a false sign.

Then there's the age thing. Women don't age as well as men do. I've never met a 35 year old woman that I thought was 35. I have always thought they were older. My ex looks a good 15 years older than me. So do most women I know who are my age. So if we go out and look at women we think are the right age and they're not, well, it's not our fault. We can't help it that women get wrinkles and pooches so young. Men are wired to look for fertile females. It's in our genes. Women with wrinkles don't appear fertile. They are too old for kids. We are not. It is pure instinct that draws us to younger women. It's not that we think we're so hot and we can get young girls and all that. It's instinct coupled with the knowledge that older women that are not in a relationship are slap full of problems that no man really wants to take on. That the ones that are worth having get gotten young and after that it's the bottom of the barrel and slim pickings. So if you're looking for a good woman, you need to look for one in her early 20's. It's just a basic fact.

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