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[QUOTE=LittleRose1982]Yes, I agree. It's not about "the rules" or being a "gentleman"... it's about being polite. Sure, if the man asked the woman out for dinner, he most often will pay. But it's just as polite and lady-like to offer. Men appreciate it, I know this firsthand. My past boyfriends have been so impressed by my polite way of offering to split the check, saying most women wouldn't do such a thing. He said he would never let the woman pay, but he found it a bit rude when they didn't even flinch when the check came. Since hearing this, I've always offered to split it and they've always been appreciative. My current boyfriend and I are a little different because we are living together and split a lot of the household expenses, including dinners. But every now and then (about once a month), he will "ask me out for dinner" and take me on a nice date to a fancy restaurant. It's noted ahead of time that it's his treat, and in those cases I don't offer because it's already been discussed.
But a polite offer should come as naturally as a "thank you" after they pay. I don't believe the man is paying for my company- that is incredibly self-centered. I am enjoying his company just as much, and I am not something to be "bought".[/QUOTE]
What you consider polite behavior many men consider agressive behavior. Of course you can pay half, and he knows that. How many people, in this rooim, think that's the point? Why ask you out to begin with? To get to know you in a social setting involving food. The check is his opportunity to prove, in a way, that he can be a good provider. It doesn't matter if there will only be one date and he will never need to "provide" for you. We need to understand that it's an ego thing for men. We all need our egos not stomped on.

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