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Re: It's over
Oct 27, 2005
Oh no, god knows you didn't give up too early! You truly gave it your all! It's terrible you gave your all to the person who didn't really deserve it, but it happens, you know. What they write in these cards cannot be taken seriously. It's the actions that count, not the words. The man I was supposed to marry and was engaged to wrote me the most beautiful cards and songs almost until the moment we broke up. I thought it meant something too. But it didn't. That's just how it is sometimes. It's horrible your husband living somewhere else now, but at the same time, I think it's better for you. I think you would be in a lot more pain if he lived with you and continued to come home late or not at all, and blame everything on your "clinginess." I am still so appalled at that, I can't help it. I'm happy to hear you're moving back home for Christmas. How's Tweek, btw? ;) My neighbor just got a daschund--six months old and such a cutie--i thought about you when I saw him. :) I'm sure others will be able to advise you more on the financial stuff; I personally have no knowledge on this subject. Hang in there, Excalibur, things will get better soon, I'm convinced. :angel:

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