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[QUOTE=stacykgb20]It is obviously not my place to tell you what to do, but I do hope that you proceed with whatever you want most, provided your husband is still supportive. It would be really sad if you changed your plans just because some outsiders make you feel guilty and try to keep you stuck where you are out of pettiness and jealousy. I just hope you aren't making your decision based on other people's opinions rather than what you and your husband think is best. Life is too short to let other people tell you what to do and to live your life trying to live up to other people's expectations and prejudices. Not to mention that people who make decisions based on what outsiders tell them is best end up with a lot of regrets and resentment for not trusting their own instincts. Anyway, if your husband feels like it would be too much of a hardship for you to go away, then that's one thing, but I think it would be very sad and a big mistake for you to give up on your educational plans only because your friends are being critical and disapproving.

Thankyou so much for your wonderful support,most esp. to u Stacky..
Today, i was thinking that maybe i would just pursue my plan of goin back to school.I think i need it for myself,fulfillment etc...You know,we have this certain pride in our country & even in our family that if a person would be able to graduate/finish a certain degree in college,itll be a great & wonderful honor.In our country,Education is very important.Some people wont even respect u or would just look down on u if u didnt finish College.But if u are a College graduate they would look at u w/ respect...You know everybody say that Education is the only thing nobody or no one cant take away from u.

I think i would try it & pursue my schooling.I am thinking of getting the course in Computer or a course in Communication Skills.I can read & speak English but not that perfect or fluently...Our second language in my country is English & i love to speak in English. Maybe,if i graduated from this course i can be a teacher as well...

My husband is supportive & i asked him a lot of times already if its really ok w/him & he said Yes.He said therell be no problem coz hes also busy w/ his job & he wants me to do what i want...I really want to go,its just that i feel guilty & pity for him that maybe im so unfair goin to my own decision in life while being married.
The time i posted here about goin back to school, I called my ex - bf coz we are still friends & told him about the big news.He was happy for me & he said its the right thing to do.But today,when he called & knew about the changed of decision i made he was dissapointed on me & got a lil annoyed coz i listened to my friends' decisions.He said "why would u even listen to those people??their not even the same level as u are,they dont know your situation privately w/your husband & some of them maybe didnt even graduated from high school or just graduated from high school & thats it.". Its kinda true though,some of them werent even interested about schooling when they were only students.

I think ill talk to my husband when he wakes up & tell him that i really want to go.If everything will be settled id be goin home before the 2nd week of December to fix my school requirements coz the Enrollment would be on January.
I know i wont regret learning.

I believe in what you said Stacky that "Life is too short ".And about Graduting Online,Ive been searching about it & i discovered how expensive it is.I would definitely prefer the natural way of goin to school.

thankyou for everything &i hope u would still advise me or give enlightning support or words.If i would be able to do this one big step in my life i would definitely thank you guys from the bottom of my heart & wont forget u.

Thanks & ill wait for your advises.:wave:

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