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You are going to encounter problems in any relationship, so there is no getting around that. In may circumstances time changes people and you either choose to grow with them, or go against them. Two people can change drastically over the course of a couple of years, which is perfectly normal and natural. Are you the same person you were 5 years ago? Probably not, and neither of you are the same people in the almost 2 years time you've been a couple.

Somtimes arguing can be a healthy sign that you are in fact growing together, but are not communicating properly. It is essential that when the arguing starts that at the end of this battle that there is a clear cut and concise AGGREEMENT that ultimately leads both partners satisfied that each of their own problems within the relationship have been heard and taken seriously. Your partner will feel better that there is an end in sight to these squabbles and most importantly a resolution.

Obviously after a year and a half there is love there, unless you are together for some other deep seated reasons, which sometimes is the case. The fighting has to come to an end sooner or later, or else the two of you will create more chaos in the relationship than either of you wants to handle.

Often times you build up resentment and anger on issues that should have been resolved months ago, and those same things will crop up 5 years later if the two of you can't put an end to it and get on with building and nuturing the relationship, instead of ging in circles on everything. One or both is thriving on the drama that the fighting creates, and as adults that needs to stop right away, or the relationship will end up a battle of wills and end in bitterness with both of you going your seperate ways.

When the fights start refocus your energy to the positive and ask yourself what is really going awry in this situation. Good luck.

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