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i have a problem with my boyfriend, he seems to be giving me signals that he is taking me for granted. we have been spending time watching a lot of tv recently, and i have moaned about it about 3 times, but each time it ended in arguments and it remained un resolved. since then, the last time i saw him was during the day last week and we just watched tv cos he was very tired which i thought was unfair because i was bored, but i didnt mention doing anything else as i didnt know what to suggest at all. I really feel i'm being taken for granted, i feel like he knows i'm there and no matter what he does, how much he spends time with his mates, and however he acts, i'm always going to be there and accept him. Don't get me wrong, he isn't bad, he is a decent guy, he is very lovely but he has a selfish attitude which he is very un aware of and whenever i try pointing out that i am BORED he doesnt seem to get scared he just takes it like im not accepting him and im not content, and feels im kickin a fuss up over nothing.

well when we were watching tv the other day i hinted that i was as bored by letting out a big sigh and flopping on the couch, but he simply just said ''im ignoring your strop btw'' he could tell i was bored but carried on anyway! and was al cheery with me and mentioning goings on on tv, and this is how i get frustrated, upset and annoyed because i feel so powerless, and when i DO say i hate us watching tv, he turns it all around, makes ME think that we hardly act this way, sets doubts in my mind and makes me feel bad for mentioning it! he also makes me realise we DO go out sometimes (which is once every two week now) therefore i regret saying things and get worried that he will think i'm a nag, insecure and clingy.

iv not seen him since friday, and wont see him til tommorow night after work (we will bot finish work and leave together) but thats VERY late at night, he has been with his mates all weekend, i never see him sundays anyway, but he is out with his friend tonight doing something else, i will hardly get to see him all week, and because i got upset over it to him, he said that he hasnt got a problem with it and i shouldnt either,

i just miss the good old days, but with being at college, working all weekend, him working the nights im free, it makes things so damn hard! and it upsets me when he makes plans elsewhere like he has tonight when he could of seen me! i feel annoyed like i am being taken for granted that he doesnt feel he has to please me, i miss going out with him, socialising, but everytime i mention going to the pub he tells me it isnt his sort of activity, yet when its a lads night out he gladly goes along!

im so frustrated, and desperate to patch things up and get my relationship back to how it should be, on an even level what am i to do?!!!

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