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It sucks that this happens. I am one of those believers that there is an "un-written" rule about dating ex's...YOU DONT!

This happened to me TWICE by the SAME friend. The first time it was a guy I crushed on for months and when he and I finally dated I was thrilled this was early highschool, we dated for over two months and broke up, then she turned around and dated him. She came to me and asked me if it'd be okay and I just about died because she knew how much I liked this guy. I told her to go for it but gritted my teeth and wished them bad luck. Fortunatly :) they split up after about a month or two.

The second was another guy I had started to crush on, he and I were talking and really getting to know each other I introduced her to him and told her "this is the one I've been talking about" (not long after I got over the fact she dated the last guy I 'loved') Well she started talking to him and they ended up dating for a short time. So in revenge I was able to date him about a year later and we had what I thought was a wonderful relationship and since she was finally in her own for about a year at that time I didnt feel so bad about dating him especially since she knew how i felt. Oh yeah when I confronted her about dating him she said "I didnt know you even liked him" Yup...she's still a good friend of mine and we have gotten past that but at the time it feels like you just cant live...

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