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Yes, I will tell you how the date goes!

What I've discovered about winning at this game of love is to hold back as long as possible. Never give your heart away too soon. That's what I'm going to do with this new guy I will call Neal. I remember I was really busy (actually busy, not faking it) and he became more persistent. It's like they want to know there are plenty of other men interested in you.

So, even if you are not dating several other men, if you act like you are, it really peaks their interest. It's ten times better, of course, if you REALLY ARE dating several other men, or at least a couple of other men. When you do this, you are not getting too hung too fast on the primary man you are dating.

I also have been putting off this other attractive man for a week or two now and we have a date set for a week from Saturday for dinner and drinks.

What I ended up doing with Raj was to leave him hanging. He still wants to see me, but I cancelled our last two dates. I told him that I was really upset about the way he acted last time I saw him, and he did apologize. I still get really tempted to see him again because of the strong sexual attraction! I just hope I can keep saying no to him. Anyway, we are on good terms with each other as far as talking every once in awhile. So, I'm not sure what's going to happen now. My body says "yes", but my mind says "no"! It's horrible and the worst feeling in the world to be drawn to a man like that.
[QUOTE=SophiaM]You're right, Colorado is beautiful! I might go there in January--I have some friends there. Am even contemplating moving there when I'm done with my school. Is it difficult to learn how to ski? I'm such a coward LOL.

Yeah, Neal does sound persistent. Two months, huh! :D Hope you enjoy the date of Friday.

Bostongirl, dry spells happen to the best of us. Your relationship just ended; so don't feel like you have to find a new guy within a couple of weeks. It almost always takes a little more time. I wouldn't even consider this a "drought" at this point. I'm sure one of the online guys will ask you out in no time![/QUOTE]

Colorado is beautiful. I was there for a couple of days while I was going to my friend's wedding in Wyoming. I've never skied before...I'm sure I'd break some part of my body because I'm the most uncoordinated person ever. :)

I know I shouldn't say I'm in a drought. I should be happy that I have all this freedom now and I can date whomever I want. :) I'll start getting concerned in a few months. :)

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