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[QUOTE=pbear4882]WOW! So I've been reading all the threads in here and they are awesome....I can relate to several of you in many ways....I've been hurt A LOT! but I still put myself back out there b/c I know I'll find Mr. Right! I'm 22 and I'm hoping he comes sooner than later....

So I met this guy online...he goes to a school I just transferred from a yr ago...he's like 2yrs. younger than I am but I really don't see age as a problem...we've been talking real tough these last couple of days...and he really seems interested in me...he says he is anyways....that could just be lose rap! I'm very in to him....but i'm SO SCARED to put myself back out there b/c of the pain i still feel from my last relationship...I think I'm ready to start dating again...I asked him what he was looking for and he said he wants and exclusive girlfriend...b/c he doesn't have time to be playing games...wonder how true this is?

Any ways...I was pregnant and had my son...he was premature; he passed! :angel: So I would have a child right now so that's why I can over look the fact that his son was just born like weds. before last....the problem is I don't really know what the relationship is between him and his childs mother....he says that he doesn't want to be with her b/c she likes drama....So i asked him if he was in a relationship and she told him that she changed and wanted them to be a family what would he say...he told me that he couldn't do it b/c he was in B.G. and she is in N.Y. and they wouldn't be able to my next question should have been....then how do you expect us to work b/c i don't live in the same city as you either? RIGHT? i didn't think to ask that....LOL

Well we're meeting next week for the first time and I've just been praying that he's the one...what do I do if I feel a sexual attraction to this guy? I mean I know temptation is something of another nature....I mean don't get me wrong I will not sleep with him on the first, second, or third night...I have a 3mth rule now....if he can last that long w/ me not having sex together then maybe its worth a try but if he can't then I know what he's all about!

If you have any advice for me please don't hesistate to post....THANKS A BUNCH


BAD idea, sorry to say. This guy is 20 years old and just had a newborn baby. Do you really think he is not with the mother of the baby anymore? And if he's not, then that's another reason to be skeptical. He just had a baby and he's already thinking about online dating and finding someone else??? Please, do yourself a favor and don't get involved with this guy. First of all, he has to grow up first. Second of all, he has to concentrate on the new baby and how to provide for him/her, because I hope he is planning to pay child support. At 20, providing for a child might not be an easy thing to do. He does not sound like someone who you should be putting any hopes in. i don't think you should even bother meeting him. I'm just being honest.

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