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[QUOTE=angel_eyes_UK85]I am having a total dilema and i dont know what too do, ive been in a relationship with my bf for 2 years come xmas everything has been fine we get on realli well and we never argue, but i have met a guy who i know through a friend of mine - at first we just chat as friends online, we ended up meeting up just as friends or so i thought, and i really liked him and ended up kissing. I have never cheat on my bf before and i feel so alone because i do love my bf i can imagine having everything with him a home a family but i keep scaring myself at the fact im only 19 and sometimes wish i had my own freedom back. i felt like a lier and ended up confessing to my bf about our kiss that was shared and he went crazy (predictably) but he forgave me for it and said he wasnt going to loose me over something like this, but i have grown strong feelings for this guy i have been meeting, he isnt normally the type of person i could see my self going out with on a long term basis at the moment but he has confessed he has never felt this way about anyone in a long time, someone please help me i feel so unsure on what to do :([/QUOTE]

Oh boy, this is a hard one. I think we can offer advice and give suggestions, but how can we tell you to choose one or the other, or basically how to live the rest of your life? The final decision is yours, but some things to consider in your decision making process may be:

You say this guy is NOT someone you would normally see yourself with in the long term, BUT...HE has confessed that he feels strongly for you. Is this the only reason, how he feels for you, that you are considering leaving your bf? It can be intoxicating when someone new sweeps us away with such strong feelings for us, but that's not what we should use to base the decision on whether to choose this person for a serious, long term relationship. Is he better for you than your bf? What is it about him that makes you think he may be a better life partner for you than your boyfriend? Or maybe you're just not ready to even be thinking about life partners and you want to play the field some more? You are young and have the right to sow some more wild oates if that's what you feel you need to do, just as long as it may come with the consequence of losing your boyfriend. You may find somene else, a third or even fourth guy who will be the right guy at the right time, you may not, but it's all the risk we take for the choices we make. Take some time and try to figure out what you really want, right now, and in the long term, and what is the best way to get there.

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