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so me and my husband have been separated for about a year and 2 months. we will probably be gettign a divorce soon. we just went thru custody issues. well the final one is next week. anyways this guy i seen during the separation posted my business online. we got in an argument about my x cause he said that my x realized he made a mistake getting married and that is why he was running around on me. i never had proof that he was running around on me. but this guy keeps telling me he was even tho all he knew was what i vented to him. and he put this on his myspace profile for anyone to see.

Just wondering what people would think or call a 30 some yr. old male that lives with momma. When he was married and his wife went down to visit her mother he didnít like it and eventually moved her home to HIS mommaís. He has a fairly well paying job so financially there is no reason for him to live with momma or subject his wife to living with a mother in law that canít stand her. Does something seem wrong with this picture or is it just me that thinks a man should be a man. When his wife left him because of suspected running around, a few hours for a walmart run that turned into a bar run, and dinner with his ďbossĒ and two woman that kept him out for hours conveniently forgetting his cell phone, that never left his side, in his car and ride in another. A year after she left he finally shows interest, a night ride and then waits a month and a half to take her for a night in a motel (where no penetration took place) cause canít let mommy know, or as he said wouldnít want to stir up feelings. Does that sound like someone that cares about her or am i missing something. Is that a new age way of saying he loves her?

allt he facts arent even accurate. but thats sum stuff in a nutshell.

i saw my x husband one night we met to talk about what each of us watned prior tothe mediation about our son. and we ended up hugging and that was it and we decided to be friends.
i saw my x againt he other night. he asked me if i wanted to go riding or something and we hugged and we went to a room and didnt have sex but did get close. and cuddled and all. and he was like are you wondering what we are doing here i mean 2 people about to get a divorce in a week ? yes it was awekard and maybe it was for one thing but still. does my friend also the guy who likes me and wants me abck have a right to post this online about me. he knows im hurting enough going thru all this yet he post this and says things.

and my x husband was like it has been over a year since he had sex. so im starting to wonder if he was running around on me wouldnt he have hooked up w/someone else after we separated that long?

i do miss him and hurt. even tho we are probably going to get teh divorce why does this guy have to do this to me. he claimes he cares for me and all and is supposed to be my friend. i know he has feelings for me but still why does he have to say things and do this??

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