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Re: For the GIRLS
Nov 6, 2005
I took a relationship workshop once and I asked the doctor who was running it the exact same question: WHY do I have to play stupid games? Why can't someone like me for me?!

And he responded that relationships, like anything worth anything, are WORK. Real hard, get down on your knees work. Anyone who thinks that it's easy and simple and should just flow will be very disappointed in love. Now, keeping that in mind, he's not saying that you should be somebody else just to attract another. But the fact is, you have to work at keeping the relationship alive, work at keeping the other person interested. Whether it's playing hard to get or being extra sweet, it's necessary to have a successful relationship.

I don't believe in losing yourself entirely to a relationship - you always have to know who you are and how much you're willing to compromise. But I do believe that sometimes these "games" can work out really well in the end. Even thought it really sucks in the moment.

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