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[QUOTE=adrianamaxim]Well it bothers her that he is telling her she cant be friends with him. Same thing, it bothers her, then that means it bothers her.

Look we dont even know how the argument took place. I mean, the girl could have interpreted it as her boyfriend TELLING HER who she can and she cannot hang out with ( ny one in the right mind would get upset). She feels like he is disregarding her feelings.

If yall havent noticed - the girl's feelings are being disregarded too. AND YES... the guy's too when she said she will still be friends with him either way. I still cant blame her for saying that.. I personally tend to say things I dont mean when Im really mad. And I would get angry if my boyfriend brings up the past about my ex - about him dumping me - that would make me feel extremely stupid. Id be embarrassed that he brought that up and I would be angry because... there is no connection whatsoever to the fact that we are 'friends' or want to stay friends.[/QUOTE]

I guess his point was "this jerk treated you that badly, and you still want to be his friend?" Which would make me wonder, too. Why is it so important to be friends with an old lover who treated you poorly while you were lovers? I'd have a hard time understanding that too if my boyfriend insisted on staying friends with an ex who had broken his heart. But if it bothered me that much, I would want any man who claimed to love me to respect how I felt about it and at least be willing to make some compromises instead of just telling me he's going to keep seeing her no matter what I say or how I'd feel about it. Those would be deal-breaking words for me.

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