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[QUOTE=Ruth6:11]Yes, people assuming that I don't have children because I "hate kids" is one of the things that I have had to deal with. It seems to be case that no one accepts that someone might have a medical condition other than infertility and decides not to have children for everyone's sake including the unborn baby's.
Imagine wanting them but knowing that if you had them you either risk a baby deformed by a med you must take or risk damaging your health by going off the med.

Which, once again is off the track of your original post. And my concern was that you believed that a woman is not a whole person with a family.
I AM a whole person. A rather solitary one to be honest. My sister-in-law doesn't think of me as immediate family and I'm not invited to birthday parties & confirmations.
They're ditching our family tradition to travel to one of their grown kids houses for Thanksgiving this year.
Even if it was just me and my cats and my old efficiency apartment I would still be a whole person.
I would want that for ANY woman who intends to raise a brand new human being.
THAT is what I want for you...

I can imagine it, Ruth. I don't have an actual medical condition, but lots of family history with stuff that would make me very hesitant to have any kids of my own. I know lots of women who love kids but don't have any of their own for many many different reasons. The decision to have or not have kids is never an easy one, I think.

To feel like a whole, complete person, not wanting or yearning for anything, all by myself. I wish I knew the secret of becoming that. I've gotten some information back on adoption, and the costs are going to be atronomical by my standards, so I may have no choice but to find a way to feel complete within myself, all by myself, but wow...I wouldn't even know where to start. I envy anyone who is able to do this, because I do think it's important, but I just wouldn't even know where to start. I'm not sure I have it in me.

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