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[QUOTE=SophiaM]Hahaha! We are giving RG such a hard time tonight--he probably thinks we all ganged up on him ;) But yeah, I also think 48 hours is reasonable. I emailed him and told him to give me a call tomorrow and we could set something up for next week. Obviously he knows I'm interested, just with a
"respectable" amount of time to prepare myself psychologically for a date LOL. I look at it this way: since this guy is in business, would he try to arrange a business meeting a few hours in advance? No, he would think proper etiquette requires some kind of a notice. So, if business meetings are important, a date with me is just as important too. :cool:[/QUOTE]

H Sohpia, So whatever happened? Did you get another invite?
HEY, the line of work I'm in now -Business meetings are always changing., rescheduling is the name of the game now...It's not that the business is not important or your time/value isn't - Seems now of days it a cruch time to make plans. I understand your point of view and wanting some respect for a prospect suitor of a date, but sometimes, we need to let loose and going out on a last minute date for a few drinks, or at the moment of feeling (you were not in the mood for drinking) one never knows what a future lies ahead.
Stop worring so much about what YOU want, what is RIGHT but focus on hey, you haven't had a "date" on a Saturday night in so long - what's wrong with a last minute Dinner? (Free Meal and a night out).

Hon, don't give up hope or scarfice your values - just enjoy the moment cause you just don't know what the Future Lies ahead - no one can perdict it. You know where I'm coming from girlfriend - With some much that has happened in my life the past...........going on DANG two years - I don't take ANYTHING for granted - I so cherish the MOMENT whateve it maybe......

Girlharley - your cybersister..............always On Your Side. :cool:

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