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hello still having problems with the boyfriend....well no longer a boyfriend,,we are supposed to be my opinion he needs to grow up...he chooses his friends over me....only now its not just me, its me and our daughter.....he is too much into getting high,,,hanging with his friends, going to the bars...he doesnt realize that we have a baby to worry about..he treats me like crap, and tells me its because i let him, but when i defend myself he gets mad. we just moved back to colorado from new jersey, he says the reason we dont have our own place is because i dont have a job and am not looking, he really isnt either, he is to busy hanging out with his single friends trying to live a single life with out me and his daughter..i just had a baby i didnt know i was supposed to jump of the delivery table and get a job.....i like being a mother and he wants me to go get a job and leave my baby with him while i work,,, he wants us to work different shifts so we dont have to leave her with a sitter, but i dont trust anybody with her not even her daddy....he gets physically irratated with her , ,,,i quess my biggeset complaint is that i dont understand why he should get to live single when he isnt ,hanging out with his friends all the time,being free or whatever,, and im supposed to take the 18 year grounding by myself...he act like im supposed to understand that he is a man and men to men things and dont take care of babies or their families.....every perverted thing he does he blames on meing a man..he tells me thats what men do....same with why he treats me and his daughter the way he does...and tells me the the things i believe make a man,,,love, respect,honesty, friendship,kindness, keep him from being a man..would you trust someone who lies, hides things from you, puts you down? everyone tells me i should just leave him , but he allways finds a way to convince me that he is trying and makes me the bad guy...maybe some advice on how to talk to him because if i tell him he needs to grow up he is going to get pissed....sorry about this being so scattered maybe i can explain more and shorten the story later.... gotta feed baby Trina,,,,thanx.......mandy

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