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[QUOTE=StalkN4UBoo]I've had an online boyfriend for about a year and a half now. I'm only 15. he's seen me in pictures, in videos, and on my webcam. I've never seen him though. I know adults say that he could be 45 and not 17 and a girl but I do love him. I admit its hard to love him sometimes but I do. I scared that all the thoughts I try not to think about are true. I'm not sure what to do. I hope i'm not dumb for this. But understand i was picked on 4 years because I have a dark complection (I didn't tell him about that until a while after we started dating) and he was so sweet to me. I've had other online boyfriends without seeing there face and its never any bedder. What should I do. I don't want to lose him but i'm confused. Please someone help me.[/QUOTE]
Hi and welcome,
I can understand that you feel you have strong feelings for this person. But following a few internet rules will allow you to chat on, in safety.
Never give your real name. I hope you have not done this, if you have, I hope you didn't give your last name.
Never give out your address or phone number, your age or any other personal info. Again, I hope you haven't done this.
Never give your image to someone who you haven't seen. Imagine what could happen if you give all the above to someone with criminal intentions.
Assume that this "boy" is really a forty year old pervert and tell him nothing you wouldn't tell anybody else in public.
If this person suggests meeting alone, tell him no. If he insists, stop communicating and tell your parents what is going on. If he wants to meet you and you feel you MUST meet him, take your parents with you. If he is a teenager, he will understand why you would want this. If he is a 40 year old, you won't hear from him again.
Never give an internet friend access to credit card #s, checking or saving accounts, social security numbers, etc.., you get the idea.
If you start to feel in ANY WAY uncomfortable, with this person, tell an adult you trust. It is hard to find these people, but it would be very good to have someone aware of the situtation, in case.
I don't mean to scare you anymore then you are now. If you are really concerned about how much you've exposed yourself, you may want to end this now and, again, let an adult you trust, know what is going on.
Please keep us informed about what is going on so we know you are safe. Hopefully there will be more good ideas comming.

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