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[QUOTE=cremebrulee]I don't think he is afraid of commitment. I know he is eager to start a family. He mentioned waiting to get a netflix membership until he had a live-in gf. he also mentioned wanting to include an ice cream maker to his wedding registry. he gave me a tour of his house and showed me where the nursery would go. he said he couldn't date a girl his age because by the time you get thorugh the dating, the engagement, the wedding, the woman would be a little old to have children. (i'm 26.)[/QUOTE]

I have one word to sum this guy up: CREEP. You can believe me or not. He's waiting to get a netflix membership before he has a real girlfriend??? What a joke! Sure, he has NO issues with commitment whatsoever. He is dying to get married and start a family. Sorry if I'm extra sarcastic today, but I'm losing my patience for jerks. The kind of men he represents are the reason I"m now 33 and apparently "too old" to date and have children with now.

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