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My boyfriend and I have been together for alomst 4 years. I am in my mid 20's and he is mid 30's. A little over a year ago we broke up and spent about 2 months apart from each other. We were fighting a lot and under a lot of stress due to his dad coming to live with him, work, etc... I just didn't see him trying to take the relationship to the next step. After 3 years and when a guy is in his mid 30's I think he should know what he wants and he still wasn't sure about marriage so I left.
After about a month he begged for a second chance and wouldn't stop talking about how much he wanted to marry me (even asked my dad for permission). After another month I started to believe what he was saying and trust him again. He said he was just scared, and stressed, and didn't know how he would make a very good husband under the circumstances.
Needless to say we fell in love all over again and things have been great ever since...

Well, here we are about 9 months later and back into a very committed relationship. I have not had any doubts that we are headed towards marriage and I plan on moving in with him as soon as my lease is up in Feb.
Since we've gotten back together, everyone in my life has been hinting that they know something I don't know (he was so happy at the time we got back together that he pretty much told the world his plans to marry me and live happily ever after).
I didn't push for what people knew b/c I wanted it to be a suprise but I had a feeling he would pop the question this Christmas.

Here's the problem....
Over the last couple of months friends and family members have been asking me if things are still ok with us. I was so confused until finally my friends started telling me, one by one, that he had every intention of proposing to me by the time summer was over. He even went ring shopping (although they don't know if he bought one). He asked my close friends for their oppinions and even discussed different ideas of how he was going to propose.

I was fine and happy until I learned of his original plan to propose and realized that it never happened and that time has passed.

Now I'm starting to think that the distance I have felt from him lately may not be work and stress (and football season ;)) like I thought it was... Maybe it is just that he doesn't feel the same. Is this my mind playing tricks on me???

I'm so confused!

Do you think he changed his mind????

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