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i posted a couple of days ago about my boy friend.....i got good feed back..... thank you for that , but maybe some comments on this boyfriend told me that he wants to change to make me happy he just doesnt know how.....i have been very good to him the whole time we have been togther, i even took the blame for our problems....he says now that none of our problems are my fault but his........he wants to treat me better , but admitts that he doesnt love me......this isnt the first time he has told me this either......he told me once before, when i was like 7 months pregnant...then told me he loved me 2 weeks before i had our our daughter is 2 months old and he is telling me again, that he doesnt , he says he wants to ...he just doesnt know why he doesnt....he says he is going to try to make me happy...and help me with our daughter, but it hurts that i love him sooooo much and the love is not returned......i dont know how i am supposed to feel, since he seems so far to be deticated to making things work.....and has actually promised to be there for his family finally.[me and our baby] what am i supposed to think? it just hurts sooo much that the one person i have been entirly deticated to in every was possible keeps losing love for love ever fair??? what is he doing/thinking????? help please......alllllll comments welcome.........advice or simalar experiences? thank you...................Mandy

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