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I LOVE to kiss. I dunno how to answer this for you b/c you say you are so in love, and have a great relationship. In my case, when my husband and I stopped kissing it was a lack of passion for sure. I didn't like kissing him anymore, and didn't want to b/c he was a disconnected jerk!

Doesn't at all sound the case with you tho, so I really don't know. I do agree with other poster--you gotta talk about it. Obviously it bothers you--so talk about it. I forget--did you used to like kissing each other? Is he a good kisser? Or was he I guess? The reason I ask is my husband was not a good kisser.

Not passionate, not sexy. The guy I am with now....great, great kisser and I could kiss him forever!! Sometimes we kiss for over an hour--just kissing!! He's gentle, he's strong, he sucks on my lips, kisses my eyes and neck a lot, he slides his hands all around my face and hair, and even takes his thumb and slides it around my lips and slightly inside my mouth sometimes. He also has a tongue ring which I find incredibly hot!!WOOHOO he's a great kisser!! SO is it the ART of kissing that needs work is what I am trying to ask??

It sounds like to me you need more confidence in your kissing, breath, technique, whatever. Is this the case?? If so--get a tongue scraper--(works great!) and always chew gum. I ALWAYS chew gum or have mints, or something---gotta be ready! Also, how sexy do you feel on a daily basis? Do you think about it often, think about seducing your husband, and still being spontaneous?

My friend is young, been married for 10 yrs, and her and her hubby still kiss a lot and have sex in bathrooms at family parties!! It cracks me up--but GREAT for them!! Think about how sexy you feel--maybe that is it?? Good luck exploring this issue.

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