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I'm inclined to agree with stacykgb20 here. Mostly because I too find the story a little familiar. Waaaaay back when I was much younger and in a long term relationship, I found a male "friend" at work also. It started off as just being close friends, to flirting, to getting way too personal. My bf at the time used to visit me at work and see me with this "friend" all the time. And when he didn't, I was always mentioning my friend to my bf. Why? Because it made him less suspicious (after all he thought if I was being open about my friendship nothing could be going on right? Wrong - reverse psychology) and I felt less guilty because I felt I was being at least a little bit honest - and if my bf really cared he would have picked up something was going on. But the longer I got away with it, the further it went until I cheated. When I realised what a big mistake I'd made... I never mentioned my "friend" to my bf again.

I agree that you can't tell your bf who he can or can't talk to... but I would let it be known that you find the time he spends with this girl and their close bond inappropriate - and that you are sure he would not like you being so close to a male co-worker (just so it sticks in his head). People spend a lot of time at work together and once a relationship of any sort starts... who's to say where it can go? I'd ask him flat out why he feels the need to brag to you about his relationship with this girl...

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