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My boyfriend and I have been in an on-again, off-again relationship for two years. i've broken up with him once or twice, we've done it mutually once or twice, but this last time he definitely dumped me when i said let's work it out.

it's been two months. now he's been calling me saying that he loves me and wants to be with me, and that it's different this time etc. etc. he thinks he has commitment issues and has made an appointment with a therapist (for thurs). when i ask him why he broke up with me, he says he honestly doesn't know. when i ask him to put himself back in his shoes two months ago when he broke up with me he says his feelings feel like a blackout--he doesn't know why he did it. we got into a huge fight before (my fault) and i asked him to forgive me, but he wouldn't. now, he says he knows he wants to be with me etc. etc.

i really don't feel like he's a liar. he's 35, i'm 25. but this "blackout" idea is bugging me, though. i remember everything about the way i felt when we broke up.

i've recently gotten myself into a really good place in my life--i like my job, have great friends, go out, and have basically survived by myself for two months. now he's come back and i feel like it's all being disrupted. i don't know what to think and i don't know what to feel. i feel like it's unfair that he's doing this--coming back into my life--but i feel like i'm not strong enough to cast him out completely. i'm just so confused.

i've told him i can't get back together

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