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Lostsoul1, I must admit that a lot of what Degen95 said is true! Most, not all ,but MOST women you meet in a club are just like what he described...they are flakey, aren't looking for boyfriends, and don't want one! I'm also a 10 year vetern of the club and bar scene so trust me when I tell you this...

With that being said and if you really want to meet women at the club, I always look for the shyest and nicest looking girl in the place. Men tend to look at eyecandy...for what appears to be the top shelf items on the outside, but on the inside they are pure heart or a whole boat load of issues. The line I always gave to my friends was, "Look for the girls that look like they don't even belong in a club!"

Now, the FIRST place I look for these women are NO WHERE NEAR the dance floor. Yes, that's right! You have to approach them at the bar away from all the insanity of the dance floor. All my friends have learned that its basically a waste of time to do otherwise, because girls that dance all night are there to just....DANCE! Some women go out to just dance with no interest in meeting a guy and just dance around themselves all night with there freakin' pocketbooks in the middle of their little circle! LOL! Isn't that weird? But, it's so true! Sure, you MIGHT get lucky now and again, but your best bet is at the bar where you can talk and communicate.

Then, if you meet a girl this way, you can talk for 10-15 minutes, get the number and get outta there before you say or do something stupid to mess it up! LOL! At this point you could ask to dance or she might even ask you...I usually turn them down when they ask me to dance though...reason being that I don't want to hover around her all night. I just want her number so I can call her and have a normal conversation and set up a date later on. Then after we know each other a little bit, I can take her out and we can dance and whatever.

Also, if you happen to meet a girl on the dance floor, you have to talk to her and see if she responds....don't just dance and not open your mouth. Ask her, "So what are you drinking tonight?" If she needs a drink say, "Lets go to the bar..." If she comes with you then you got you can talk to her without screaming. Women that are interested in you like to exception. If she isn't talking and asking questions then she isn't interested.

Man, I could write a book about this stuff...If you've got questions ask away!

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