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someone has been monitoring me ignored this post.
There's no reason that you should feel at fault. You're just being yourself; if that attracts taken women, then obviously your friends are dating some subpar girls. It also shows that your buddy doesn't have much faith in you as a friend.

I've been in your shoes before, which is why I feel so strong about it. Some people are just naturally charasmatic and grab people's attention. You shouldn't have to change your personality and be a boring guy just so your friend's skanko girlfriend doesn't hit on you. If he doesn't believe you... then obviously he's not a true friend.
I have this problem with other girls. It's why I am friends with way more guys than girls. I refuse to change who I am. I LIKE who I am--and so do others--just like you.

I would NEVER, and I mean NEVER mess around with someone elses man. Boyfriend OR husband. I cannot say the same for most girls, which is why they automatically don't trust other girls. Too bad. Not that kind of girl--and you're not that kind of guy.

I have had rumors started about me too. Apparently I screw all my guy friends last I heard. NOT a bit true--but what can you do? Always, ALWAYS be yourself!!!
OK yeah I think I can agree with that. Because the matter of it is I love being the center of attention like I said...and I think other ppl get gealous of it because I get a lot of attention. This friend of mine has receantly acted quite psychotic...I think he is going through some serious issues. This last weekend he was out hitting on other girls while she was around...then he went nuts when someone else started dancing with her. He was drunk and started to drive around by himself..later in the night I was with his g/f her friends and some of his other friends. He came into the bar and said he was leaving. One of his g/f roomates had been hittin on me all night and keep inviting me over. So anyways we were outside and my friend wanted to as a loyal friend I intially got into his car, but when I got in he was acting very weird and he was also drunk so I left for my own protection. I ended going over where his g/f lived because her roomate had been jocking on me. He thought I was thier to try and steal his g/f. I really dont feel like I did anything wrong...he was acting like a nutcase. The next day I called him and left him a message. I told him that I was sorry for ditching him but I knew you were drunk and also so and so had invited me over. He hasnt talked to me since. Guess it is silly to analyize because I think when it comes down to it I am not at fault. The thing is though it happens to me a lot and I have had other guys start rumors about me because they get gealous of my ability to attract women. I guess I should just not worry about it too much.
Sounds like you need to have a LONG talk with your friend. If he doesn't believe you are start acting differently...then it looks to me like he isn't much of a friend!

I once had a problem with a buddies girl hitting on me...I mean REALLY trying to skip a base or two in the game if you know what I mean. I shut her down quick & let my buddy know what was going on. He understood & took care of it on her end.

One thing is for sure if a friend is truly a friend the last thing one of you should worry about is the other hitting on your girl.

From the way you describe yourself & your response from women it sounds like you are the man! Be proud!
Lamotta gave awesome advice. I'd read it, then read it again, especially that last paragraph. You have every right to be charismatic and charming.. but don't flirt or be ambiguous about your intentions. That's where you'd be crossing the line. Most people know the difference between flirting and the charm that's just naturally a part of you. I'm sure you do too.
First and foremost you should have taken the keys away from your drunk friend and not let him drive. :nono:
Thanks for the advice. The thing is with this girl I feel that I never flirted with her. Yeah I talked to her and tried to get a rise out of her...but I never gave any indication that I wanted her. There was another time at a party where I was out on the deck and she came out and put her head on my shoulder and rested on me for a while. We were all drunk and my friend(her bf) was inside. What should have I done there? I guess I didnt feel like I was doing anything wrong. I didnt want to be a jerk and tell her to get off me...but I didnt know that if what she was doing was inapprioate. When I was over thier the other night I think I do remeber her saying something about me being over thier because I liked her. I didnt say anything...and the next day I asked her about her I think that gave her a clear indication that I was not into her like that. I just like her as a person and think of her as a friend. One thing that boggles me though is how girls assume that we well betray our friendships to be with them. I have had I think 6 girls that were with my friends girlfriends that have come on to me at one time or another. I have turned them all down none the less, not with words but by just avoiding thier approaches. I would consider all of these girls, "relationship" type girls too. Maybe I have been ambigious with my behavior w/o realizing it. I think guys might just see me as a threat because I have messed around with girls before who have bf's that I did not know. Also, I am somewhat atypical with my behavior because I just in general like to hang out with girls because I really just enjoy being around them. Most guys dont hang out with or talk to girls unless they are trying to get in thier pants. So I suppose I should just be a bit more careful the things I say.
I'm going to play devil's advocate a little bit here since I've known a few guys who would probaby describe themselves the same way you are describing yourself. As much as I think it's the girls' issue if they are hitting on you (that's just wrong, and I knew better when I was young), I think it's good to pay attention if you're getting the same feedback from a number of people. If you keep hearing the same thing from different people in your life (not just one or two people), then you might want to think about your behavior, you know? If you not only like to be the center of attention, but *need* to be the center of attention, then you may be stepping over some boundaries to be there without even noticing. Also, it's ok to be charismatic, of course, but if you're always on stage, your friends may start to have issues with you for reasons other than jealousy. People want their friends to pay attention to them as well, not just always have it be the other way around.

Maybe your problem is just jealous friends and skanky girlfriends, but it doesn't hurt to think about another side.
I think the last posts might be getting on something here and I have kinda come to realize that the last weekend...that I dont even recognize my own behavior. One girl has told me that she heard I was "tricksy" I looked that up and it means being increadibly skilled in deception. I never thought that I had been deceiving ppl. Also another girl told me a while back that I was really manipulative. I never have thought about it tell receantly..and probably have not because I have been reinforced with lots of attention. Thanks for the insight I needed it.

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