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[QUOTE=adrianamaxim]There is this spanish guy I met a few months ago. He seems to be a really nice guy but Im just not interested in him. I know for a fact that he is gay - so I dont really understand why he is hitting on me. He has asked for my number and my email address. At first I thought he is just trying to make friends so I was okay with it. I gave him my email address, to my surprise he sends pictures of himself! I dont mean the casual Im-smiling pictures, I got the rather bold check-my-hot-body type pictures. All his emails end with (Hugs, MWAH,) I havent replied to any of his emails.

He has asked me (twice) if I wanted to go out with him or have a coffee. This is really confusing...

1)I dont mind being friends but I dont want him misunderstanding things
2)Why is this happening? Is he trying to be friends or is he hitting on me? He is GAY and I know that for a fact

How should I deal with this? Should I just not let it bother me? Just brush it off? I usually avoid running into him... it just gets awkward when I DO run into him. Im loss for words and I feel uncomfortable. It doesnt bother me that he is gay, Im just confused as of what is happening. I have never had a gay guy hit on me.

Any input?[/QUOTE]

how do you know he's gay???

i mean a pretty strong indication if he's trying to pick you up is that he's at least interested in the fairer sex..

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