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There is one thing I read though in "Venus and Mars on a Date" by John Gray. He said that a lot of times, especially in the beginning of a relationship, a man will not call for awhile or disappear because he's not sure about the woman. The woman gets frustrated and starts to pursue him. THIS IS THE MISTAKE. The woman should be cool, stay busy, because a lot of times, the man will realize "Wow, I want to see her again," even though it may be a week or two later. This is where women need to refrain from doing the pursuing and learn to deal with uncertainty in the beginning of a relationship.[/QUOTE]

You see, this is just the type of thing that bothers me. It's the truth, but that doesn't make it okay. Why is it that women are the ones who "need to learn to deal with it"? Why do WE have to adapt ourselves to accomodate the man's lack of attention span? I have no interest in any guy who, like Sam described, would purposely play those sorts of games.
I tell you, girls, there are men out there who won't exhibit this ridiculous behavior! Why do we waste our time trying to analyze them and their thought patterns? Who wants them anyway?!
Go for the GOOD GUYS. The ones who don't pull this nonsense.
GRRR... getting aggravated...

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